Enterprise Software Market – Forecast Period From 2014 To 2020

The global enterprise software market is likely to witness significant growth over the coming years. It has a forecast period which lasts from 2014 to 2020. Growing demand for enterprise software is mainly driven by increasing system software, big data/analytics and content applications.

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Enterprise software assists companies to administer business process marketing or human resources. It also helps the companies in manufacturing. The main aim of any enterprise software is to improvise efficiency and productivity through logic support procedures.

Technological improvements and continuous development of new software are predicted to propel the global enterprise software market in the years to come. Enterprise software provides a range of services. These include automated billing systems, online shopping & payment processing, security, CRM (customer relationship management), enterprise resource planning, business intelligence and many more.

The global enterprise software market can be bifurcated into business functions and geographies. The business functions market can be categorized into SCM (supply chain management), BPM (business process management), ERP (enterprise resource planning), CMS (content management system), accounting software, CRM (customer relationship management) and business intelligence.

Geographically, the global enterprise software market can be categorized into four regions. These are North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and ROW (rest of the world). Increasing cloud computing trends in enterprise applications are expected to boost the demand for the global enterprise software market. Increasing number of companies are shifting their services depending on cloud computing.

Here, the companies’ services are delivered through the world wide web as a service which is high on demand. Augmented demand for the global enterprise software market also owes to increasing applications of enterprise software in various consumer and application markets.

Enterprise Software Market

Information Source: Grand View Research