Learning Management Systems (LMS) Market – At USD 7.85 Billion By 2018

Learning management systems (LMS), also called e-learning is a kind of software application used for administration tracking, reporting and delivery of specific learning processes. The learning management systems (LMS) market is witnessing huge growth. It is likely to expand at around USD 7.85 billion by 2018.

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This is due to the emergence of cloud computing as a low cost method for providing training online. Also, LMS provides students learning programs, including video conferencing and discussion forums. Additionally, rapid adoption of e-learning, accountability mandates and continuous learning are expected to drive the market. However, lack of proper customization is predicted to hinder the pace of the learning management systems (LMS) market.

The learning management systems (LMS) market can be split into four key categories, including products, consumers, deployment models and geographies. The products market can be divided into administration, collaboration, content management, student management and performance management.

The consumers learning management systems (LMS) market can be segmented into academic, higher education, government, retail, healthcare, corporate, consulting services, telecom, information technology (IT), manufacturing and media.

The deployment models market can be subdivided into SAAS (software as a service) and on premise. Geographically, the learning management systems (LMS) market can be sliced into four key regions, including North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and rest of the world (ROW).

North America leads the learning management systems (LMS) market. This is due to joint venture between North America’s learning organization and learning management organization. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region and is likely to witness huge growth in the future. This is owing to consumer awareness and technological improvements in the region.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Market

Information Source: Grand View Research