Nonwoven Filter Media Market Analysis – Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Predictions, 2015 To 2022: ni2014

Nonwoven filter media refer toparticularly configured textiles to get rid of particulates from gaseous or liquid streams flowing via them. Escalating demand for safe and clean water and air for utilization by humans and across other applications is estimated to propel the sales of nonwoven filter media. Growing filtration via nonwoven filter media is also predicted to positively affect worldwide health by supplying safe water to impoverished areas around the globe.

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Market Outlook

The worldwide nonwoven filter media market is estimated to attain a value of about USD 7.2 billion (in terms of revenue) by 2022. The growing demand for decontaminated and filtered drinking water is predicted to remain a vital driver of the market. The market underwent slower expansion during the financial downturn of 2008 and 2009. The regions of Europe and North America faced slower demand for nonwoven filter media in the past and have recuperated with time. The global nonwoven filter media market is projected to boost at about 8 percent CAGR through the forecast phase.

Nonwoven materials are utilized across a wide range of sectors. Some of these include hygiene products, construction, apparels, home furnishings, wet wipes, geotextiles, filtration, etc. The rising demand for nonwoven materials across these sectors is also anticipated to drive the demand for the nonwoven filter media market. Nonwoven filter media are also utilized for taking care of contamination and upholding the pureness of fluid streams. Also, the escalating usage of nonwoven filter media in the sectors of food processing, manufacturing and HVAC steers the market forward.

Mounting client consciousness regarding fitness is propelling increased revenue for the nonwoven filter media market. Alongside the factors already mentioned, product safety, water cleanliness and air quality also boost the sales of nonwoven filter media. The nonwoven filter media market is projected to expand significantly on account of rising environmental apprehensions with respect to air and water contamination. It is trifurcated in view of three categories. These are applications, technologies and geographical regions.

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Applications Overview

Demand for the nonwoven filter media market to cleanse air in the expanding industry of health is predicted to rise stably through the forecast phase. Applications in HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) are also anticipated to augment. This is due to rising urbanization and amplified demand for insulation in commercial and residential spaces. Water filtration is the biggest application of the nonwoven filter media market. It is expected to grow in the years ahead owing to boosting fitness concerns.

Technologies Outlook

The various technologies include meltblown, spunbond, wetlaid and others. Meltblown fabrics are now being incorporated with spunbond procedures to generate spun-melt-spun products. Wetlaid nonwovens are generated by altered papermaking techniques. The others sector of the technologies nonwoven filter media market is tailored for individual care and hygiene products.

Geographies Overview

The global nonwoven filter media market is divided on the basis of four regions. These are North America, rest of the world, Europe and Asia Pacific. Europe and North America have experienced reasonable expansion in the past years. The United States is the prime region of the North American market. The Asian Pacific nonwoven filter media market has noticed the highest development.

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