Vascular Graft Market – Witnessing Considerable Growth In 2014-2020

Vascular grafts or vascular bypasses are surgical methods. They are carried out to redirect blood flow in body parts. Vascular grafts are done owing to insufficient flow of blood and as an element of organ transplantation. These grafts are used for peripheral vascular bypass surgeries and to make vein access in hemodialysis patients. Generally, they are made of various biocompatible materials.

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Natural collagen fibers are used to make vascular grafts. These fibers are stitched together to build a flexible small tube. Increasing aged population, changing lifestyles among people and boost in chronic diseases are the major factors driving the vascular graft market over the forecast period. Other factors, such as smoking, consumption of alcohol and tobacco, increasing obesity incidences and changing eating habits are also expected to drive the vascular graft market.

The vascular graft market is segmented into products, applications, types of materials and geographies. The products market comprises peripheral vascular grafts, coronary artery bypass grafts, hemodialysis access grafts and endovascular stent-grafts. Peripheral vascular grafts dominated the product segment. This was as a result of increasing global prevalence of peripheral vascular diseases.

The applications vascular graft market includes urology disorders, neurovascular disorders and cardiovascular disorders. The vascular graft market, on the basis of types of materials, can be sliced into natural collagen, polyurethane nano fabric and anticoagulant heparin.

Globally, North America was the largest vascular graft market in 2013. It was followed by Europe in the same year. This was due to improvements in vascular grafts technologies and increasing prevalence of diabetes. Asia Pacific is likely to show considerable growth for the vascular graft market. This is in respect of increasing patient awareness and growing penetration rates.

Vascular Graft Market

Information Source: Grand View Research